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Hoglund Advertising Cites Cost Per Lead Decrease in Legal Services

Hoglund Advertising Approach to Attorneys and Legal Services Google Ads Campaigns bucks the trend.

As seen in a recent article posted in Wordstream and Search Engine Land, a year over year study showed that he Attorney and Legal Services sector saw a 33% increase in cost per lead from 2021 to 2022.  When we look at our legal accounts, we saw a 15% decrease in cost per lead from 2021 to 2022.

What led to a complete opposite result in performance from their study can be attributed to the hands-on manual work by Hoglund Advertising vs reliance on automated bidding and optimization. We have tested various automated bidding strategies from utilizing Automated Recommendations, Target CPA, Maximize Clicks and even Maximize Conversions.  However, at Hoglund Advertising we have a human/hand on approach of analyzing the data and optimization that has proven to perform better than the AI strategies available in Google Ads.

Oftentimes we see higher cost / click, irrelevant search queries and in the end higher cost per valid lead when utilizing the automated strategies in Google Ads.  When utilizing automated strategies, there is an extensive learning period that these campaigns must run before the systems really start to take effect.  The time that that AI needs to “optimize” can often take months and ad spend is wasted on the learning period Googles systems.

In essence we are not in the business of experimenting with our client’s money for extended periods of time.  The accounts need to perform as fast and optimal as possible.  By crowdsourcing the learnings from all our accounts, we continuously apply those learnings across our accounts to the benefit of each clients’ accounts we work with at a quicker pace without the lengthy and costly experimental time.

Our approach to campaign management encompasses some of the items below:

Granular Tracking of Leads
Utilizing an in-house secret sauce technique, we track to the micro level of campaigns helps us know what to take off the table and appropriate funds to the parts that perform better.  Utilizing Call Tracking Metrics, our method of tracking only valid leads not just clicks, visits to a landing page, spam calls, wrong number calls etc. is what enables us to attain better conclusions from the test results including:
  • What locations perform better than others
Times of day
  • What hours of the day are more profitable
Days of week
  • What days of the week are more profitable
  • Which keyword convert better than others
Search Terms
  • Adding new keywords
  • Adding negative keywords blocking unwanted less relevant traffic
Device Performance
  • Mobile vs. Desktop performance
Ad Text variations
  • Testing out various unique selling propositions
A/B Testing
  • • Ad copy
  • • Landing page design
  • • Landing page copy
Click Fraud Implementation
  • • Monitoring and blocking suspicious IP Address and bot traffic
  • • Analyzing multi click conversion data and implementing the proper thresholds to block after a certain number of clicks from a searcher